Sunday, June 11, 2017


Tomorrow is going to be 93F in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. For this pregnant lady that is TOO HOT. So we are going for a dip in the pool. I am so ready for the beach vacation that is coming early next month. I wanted to share these cool products I found while I was browsing for new items for my own family.

The first set of images are the towels! I've actually been using my grandparent's old towels for the past several years because they are still usable and I can't justify getting rid of them yet. But I might have to treat myself to that pizza towel because that is everything!

Do you think you know what my favorite color is?

Margaritas are off limits this summer so wouldn't that margarita float be the perfect substitute?!? The answer is yes.

Have you ever noticed how most beach chairs are so low to the ground it can be really difficult or even painful to get out of them if you are older or are pregnant or have bad knees or for any other reason? Well of course I had to do a search online for something better. One of the first chairs I found was this one on Amazon.
 It's got a 300lb weight limit which is much higher than most beach chairs and the seat is 14 inches from the ground (instead of 4 like so many other beach chairs.). If turquoise isn't your color it comes in several others. It's got cup holders and other pouches for items like your phone or magazine. It also has a convenient strap to carry it. The price is more than what you would pay at Walmart, but for the special features it's still not a bad deal. What's not to love? By the way, it's Prime eligible so if you are going to beach or camping or any other outdoor activity this summer you can order it now and still get it in plenty of time for you trip.

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