Wednesday, April 20, 2016

handmade paper

When I was still living at home before I got married and going all the way back to my elementary school days, I used to do papermaking in my free time, especially during summer vacations. I first got started doing this as a kid when I got a kit through a school book order form. The kit came with a small frame, some pulp, instruction booklet, and some other little decorations. Who would have thought that a cheap little kit would provide me with so many years of entertainment? I've made so much paper over the years that even though I've given a lot away I still have more than I should. But luckily my youngest son is obsessed with coloring, so I'm sure my stash will really start to go down. I am really looking forward to showing my boys how to make the paper themselves though. It's a great big messy fun time.

At one point in time, I toyed with the idea of trying to sell my extra paper on Etsy, but I've never gotten around to that yet. I recently had the idea that maybe you would like to use it in any kind of digital art you create. These images are yours to use to do some digital scrapbooking or create other digital art. I only ask that if you use this digital paper, that you would leave a comment so I can see or hear about what you made. If you click on the image, the full size file should pop up, so you can download that and have some artsy fun.

Thanks and enjoy!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

links I like lately

Here are some articles I came across lately that I found really inspiring.

The first is obviously my favorite because it's about my husband!

Youth movement: 150-year-old Stroudsburg church installs 34-year-old pastor


This second article is from NPR and it's about babies born in developing countries who need cleft surgery. Just don't read the comments at the end of the article, because that's just a wormhole of hate. But the article itself is pretty uplifting as far as what we can accomplish with charity and love.

When Kodjo Was Born, They Decided He Should Be Drowned 


The last one I am sharing today is an interview with a pastor and author, Pete Wilson. The part of the interview that spoke to me the most is when he talks about changing his focus from wanting to be loved into being loving.  I love that. We could all be more loving. It's a good read.

Pete Wilson on Developing Stewards