Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Christmas tree 2016

This is my favorite time of the year! So here's our Christmas tree so far. As always, these photos are straight out of the camera, my little Canon Powershot. I am saving up for one like this.

Our house is so small so the tree is squeezed in between the front door and the table at my end of the couch. We've put about a third maybe of our ornaments on and that's really enough.

My oldest son wanted me to take a picture of our tiny batman ornament. That is one that we got last year after the holiday.
My knit snowball ornament. I think I made that in 2011.

This is an ornament I made from a dead nightlight bulb. I covered it in tissue paper and glitter. #thrifty

Reindeer ornament that sadly lost an eyeball between preschool and home. This is my oldest son's first preschool made ornament.

I filled this ornament with Easter grass and the wrote my husband's initial in glue and coated that in colored sand. I did this our first Christmas as a married couple, 2010.

These diamonds are not only one of my favorite sets of ornaments but both my boys love them too. They are plastic, they sparkle. I have them in the red seen here and a bronze color. Here is a clear set. I've also seen them in pink and other colors as well. They've been rearranged on our tree so many times already and our tree has only been up for one day.

Here are some more ornaments that I absolutely love!

Use the arrow button to see them all (there's a lot!).

Thanks for checking it out! Happy Holidays!