Wednesday, May 31, 2017

two interesting links

two things I found online today that really interest me.... tracking sharks and calculating cost of raising children:  :: this is the shark tracking website. i'm totally gearing up for my beach trip in early july and i will definitely be checking back in with this website to make sure that the tagged sharks are out of the area. too bad not every single shark in the ocean is tagged though...

usda cost of raising a child calculator  :: i found this link in a very out of the way manner. i was reading an article about sacrifices you need to make if you want to retire by 40. and i noticed that all the couples they cited were childless (or is it childfree?). and since we're expecting a third boy i thought i would try to find the most recent numbers for cost of raising children which is how i eventually found this calculator. when this baby comes along we can expect to spend over $25k/year on our sweet boys. although that number includes $616 each for the older boys in clothing and $730 in clothing for the baby. i think maybe i've spent $616 on clothing for my oldest boy total for his whole lifetime. there's no way i'll be spending over $700 for a baby. especially not since it's boy #3. i've got so many boxes of clothing and i've even donated/consigned of a lot it because it was just too much.