Tuesday, December 20, 2016

preschool gift idea

I'm just stopping in real quick to share an idea that my boys and I put together. It's just a small gift for all my oldest son's preschool classmates. We put it together for less than 30 cents a bag thanks to my frugal shopping habits.

The baggies were made up of one hot cocoa packet, one winter pencil, and 4 small stickers. We also put a little note to let them know who it was from. The bags and pencils I bought last year after Christmas and got them on clearance. They were each less than a $1 for a pack of 36 pencils and 20 bags. Here is a good deal on plain bags that you could use year round. 

Here are the hot cocoa packets we included. They came from Aldi and were either $1.20 or $1.30 for a box of 10, which is a better deal than the ones you can get at the dollar store for a box of 6. The stickers did come from the dollar store and were left over from another gift bag I made for our Sunday School class which is smaller so I was more generous. 

I will have to stock back up on those little goodies for next year for my younger son's preschool class. I hope the kids like them. I know my oldest son liked helping me put them together which I am so pleased about. I want them to understand that giving is good. Christmas isn't all about getting as many toys as you possibly can. 

I also think these would make great teacher gifts by adding in a gift card to Target. 

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